Saturna Green Systems enters partnership with evolve motorcycles to equip their electric bikes with industry’s first digital dashboard and connected wireless services

evolve heliumNew York, NY – March 28, 2012 – Saturna Green Systems Inc. (“Saturna”), an automotive wireless technology developer and GPS location-based services (“LBS”) provider, today announced an agreement with New York-based evolve motorcycles (“evolve”) to incorporate Saturna’s wireless Communications Platform on evolve’s US-made electric scooters and motorcycles. The Platform will be available on certain evolve 2013 models, and represents the first time that LBS and telematics devices are installed on an electric scooter OEM’s assembly line.

Saturna’s patent pending Communications Platform consists of:

1)     A rugged On-vehicle Device that incorporates a high-speed processor, memory, GPS, and 3D accelerometer. The device collects detailed data from the evolve scooter’s battery, motor and electrical systems, as well as the bike’s location, speed, direction, attitude, etc.

2)     A Digital Dashboard – a human machine interface (HMI) consisting of a large, digital, colour touchscreen display. Information can also be sent to a rider’s phone via Bluetooth™.

3)     The Saturna/evolve Cloud – a highly customizable and scalable software application that opens up an unlimited number of location-based services and networking possibilities, and allows evolve scooters to be managed remotely from any web-enabled device.

These features help resolve range and charging anxiety by giving the evolve rider detailed state-of-charge and range information, as well as connecting them to electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

Saturna’s technology enhances safety and security, enables location-based services such as roadside assistance/charging, and makes possible urban social networking. It also allows manufacturers, such as evolve, to proactively engage with customers for warranty, maintenance and CRM initiatives.

Lex Kendall, co-founder and director of evolve motorcycles said, “evolve’s line-up of bikes are cutting edge, from their design to the technologies that power them. With the Saturna Platform we’ll bring revolutionary features to the user interface, and take the experience of riding an EV to a whole new orbit. An evolve motorcycle is an extension of the rider and his/her network, a vehicle that takes any possible worry out of riding electric. A vehicle that is no longer an island but instead redefines true connected mobility.”

Anwar Sukkarié, Saturna’s President and CEO said, “evolve is a company driven by vision and innovation, and we’re very pleased to share that vision, and to be working together to deliver a solution that is the first of its kind worldwide. Saturna’s technology will make evolve ownership even more carefree and fun, and help propel widespread electric vehicle adoption in general.”

About evolve motorcycles

evolve set out to create a completely new kind of motorcycle. to develop new ideas for a new generation. to explore new technologies and break new ground. to develop the latest two-wheeled solution to the electric movement. evolve is 100% electric. no gas. no oil. no emissions. made in the USA. a new vehicle for a new generation.

About Saturna Green Systems

Saturna Green Systems Inc., is a technology company developing the next generation of wireless, location-based services for electric two and three-wheel vehicles. Saturna’s team has a proven track record of management and product development in these industries. It was this background that helped Saturna identify a niche in the growing electric vehicle market, and it is now providing this know-how to OEMs and their customers. For more information, please visit or contact Eric Wilson, Marketing Director, at 1.604.369.5819.


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